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Designed for women craving nourishment that goes beyond the food they eat. At Berries & Water, you will learn how to truly love, respect, honor and deeply nourish your body again...
(or perhaps for the very first time).

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Copywriting for Entrepreneurs

Ready to sell, scale, and level up

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what we do

Hey, Gorgeous,

Ready to come alive?

Tired of forcing yourself to get healthier? Exhausted by frustration, lack of consistency, and longing to feel beautiful and vibrant, but you just can't get there?

you're in the right place...

hello  there.

I’m meagan,
YOUR NEW coach

Salty air, sunkissed skin, vitamin sea...chin chin!
I could live off of crunchy snacks, Pellegrino and crystalized ginger (oh, and lots of berries)...

I love the phrase"the world is your oyster", but when the time comes to really expand and grow, it can be paralysing. Cue loads of self-doubt, lack of confidence, tsunamis of frustration and fear, etc. This was my story, but I knew there was more for me. So I did the work, I overcame, and now I'm bringing you along with me.

Health COACH, skin guru, visionary, sea + Soul obsessed

 Working with Meagan has taught me how to let go of my perfectionism and extend myself grace,
change the way I think about food and exercise
(it no longer feels like a chore) and most importantly, how to
love myself again,

- Kaitlyn, Sophia's mom

i'm forever grateful


Get confident, find freedom

Together we will unlock your health potential by breaking through bondages, overcoming negative self-talk, and eating real food that deeply nourishes your body & soul.

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commit  to  yourself

pause your scroll

Let's breathe

Take a moment for yourself right here, right now.
Close your eye, take a few deep breaths and resume when you're ready.
Take your time, I'm not going anywhere...

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my favorite
Vegan Cake

My personal obsession with cake is affirmed by this recipe.
Even if you're not vegan, I promise you'll never look back! It's slammin'...

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Learn from Srini Pillay, MD about the different types of anxiety, how to reduce anxiety and how to transform it (without the wine)...

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the best pillowcase

Ready to take your beauty routine to the next level? Studies show that sleeping on a silk pillowcase reduces fine lines, keeps skin hydrated and reduces frizz. I sleep on this every, single night...

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How To Get Clearer Skin
In 5 Days


Sudden breakouts just days before your blind date or cousin's wedding? Get my best glow up tips inside this free guide using simple, at-home, holistic practices. 


ready to level up?

A new you

Making changes, creating new habits, actually achieving the goals you set for yourself
can be a frustrating journey; not to mention a lonely and discouraging one.
If you're ready to learn how to get out of your own way, to understand the emotions, mindset blocks, and patterns keeping you from having exactly what you want, I've got you.



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